the act of interfering with someone that your not with
fucking with someone you dont go out with it could be just kissing, touching, or fucking
Na i dont go out wit her we just messin
by boricua147bx April 4, 2008
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in knox t.n. messin means tryna get u 2 cut, or do something with them . wantin u 2 fuck and tryna convince you. also used as messy.
that lil boi keep bein man would be mad if he knew he was messin with me
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The series of Jack Link's beef jerky commercials featuring foolhardy groups of young adults toying with Sasquatch. Said toying almost always ends with the throwing/beating of a member of the group by Sasquatch.
Jack Link's Beef Jerky presents: Messin' with Sasquatch.

Heeeey wanna ride? It's ok. ..Sasquatch approaches car and driver subsequently drives off.. Sorrrrry. We're sorry. ..Repeats.. Sasquatch busts window and throws passenger.

Feed your wild side.
by BobWeaver November 13, 2007
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to entertain the advances of an unattractive, beastly woman, usually at a bar or club. Often influenced by the later hours of the night when beer goggles are in full effect. Also usually followed by a buddy coming in to save you by whatever means necessary. The phrase is rooted in a popular national Beef Jerky commercial.
"Look at Brent over there at the bar! He's messin with sasquatch! somebody go save him!"


"Dude, who was that hideous girl you were talking to last night?"

"I don't know man, whenever I drink to much I always end up messin' with sasquatch"

by DeePeezy November 15, 2007
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The act of touching or coming in contact with an extra hairy vagina.
Do you like Messin' with Sasquatch?
by Yetti Master September 13, 2009
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The act of random horse play, sexual foreplay or loitering.
After my date with Susie we were messin around in the car.
I was just messin around with the fellas after the game.
by vinchinza September 13, 2013
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