those little random shapes you see, ghost~like in appearace, some are beyond the center of the field of vision~when you try to see them, they move around & change shape! Everyone has them.
These dang floaters are driving me batshit crazy!
by Starchylde June 6, 2015
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bits of plasma, protein, or vitreous that are suspended in the vitreous humor (the gelly substance that fills your eye ball)Though they are normal; most people will get them eventually. They can be congential (from birth) or develop (usually as you get older) They are annoying at first, but most people learn to cope with them. They can be best seen on bright days or while looking at a uniform object, such as the sky.
These floaters are distracting me!
by Anand M May 23, 2007
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1.boyant turds,turds of a high boyancy

2.natural breasts left sitting out
There r floaters in the toilet,look at that pair of floaters!
some one left a floater around the table
by N8_Da_Gr8_254 June 23, 2009
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Breasts, especially large breasts that may have been augmented. As used by Dannii Minogue on UK television
Dannii was asked about plastic surgery and she replied, "I've had my floaters done!"
by EDMWF November 16, 2008
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the opposite of sprewells. they dont spin at all.
Which is better spinners or floaters?
by MaTT January 2, 2005
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Natural tits. So called because they float (as opposed to silicone tits, which don't).
Melissa sure has nice tits. Are they floaters?

Yep, they're the real deal bro!
by Mike Comanche March 10, 2009
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when you take a crap, the crap floats and does not sink to the bottow of the toilet bowl
That crap was a floaters not a sinker
by Miami Pete October 11, 2005
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