The merely aesthetically-corrective/improving alterations performed by sneaky, dishonestly-clever credit-repair specialists to seemingly/temporarily improve your credit score or financial history so that you can obtain better "plastic" ("What's in **your** wallet?!??") for the time being.
Just like wrinkle-removal or breast-augmentation, credit-based plastic surgery is only temporary, and will deteriorate over time --- yep, the chickens'll still come home to roost; you're only delaying the agony till later.
by QuacksO March 22, 2017
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The only possible method to remove the desired content from welded plastic packaging, usually a clear and stiff plastic not otherwise labeled as to content but only slightly weaker than carbon nanotubes.

The person opening must often cut long edge welds, rip at deeply recessed permanent spot welds, and attempt to remove tightly cinched bracelets of colored plastic, which are definitely stronger than carbon nanotubes, without:

a) destroying or irreparably damaging the functionality or aesthetic condition of the desired contents, the same desired contents which is in extremely intimate contact with said bracelets and packaging at a molecular level, or:

b) suddenly slipping, causing a predestined slice or impalement into flesh with the selected tool or the sharp edge of the plastic.
After 45 minutes of plastic surgery, I finally removed my daughter's new doll from the plastic package. The doll was still grinning when I left to get some real sutures in my finger where my box cutter sliced it open when I slipped trying to cut the outer weld on that stupid clear packaging!
by e4enviro December 26, 2009
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plastic surgery (n): A woman that is strictly polite, so that no curious male tries to go to her at all, because she looks like a plastic surgery.
You could not imagine, this Jasmine around: at last was known for a plastic surgery , after years that bullied she the men around, with her bitterness of her divorce; Every body was horrified of her frowns by her divorce.
by man!? March 25, 2017
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Something that the Kardashians love more then their family. It is their best friend and makes them look like big lip pufferfish with a giant ass no one looks at
She got plastic surgery

Must be related to the kardashians
by I say stuff January 22, 2021
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A way to make yourself look worse than you did before.
Kanye: Babe, why do you look so different?
Kim: I got plastic surgery.
Kanye: You’re sleeping on the couch tonight
by SirrTheRiceGod March 5, 2021
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1. An option people have to change solely their OUTWARD appearance; looking more aesthetically pleasing does NOT make one any more or less of a human being.

2. SWEET REVENGE for people who have great personalities to become just as attractive on the outside ^_^
Remember that dog, Magda?? Well she got some plastic surgery and she looks GREAT now! She always was a nice girl. I gave her my number.
by Morrigan March 17, 2005
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