A floater is a social mastermind who wavers between members of one particular clique or between multiple cliques in general, pitting people against one another and leeching out information without seeming like a threat. A perfected floater will appear incredibly trustworthy and neutral and will play both sides, but in reality, floaters look out for themselves and do whatever possible to keep themselves alive in any given scenario.
After playing both sides, floater Janina decided to attend neither Trichelle's nor Mindy's party, so that neither clique queen would be upset with her.
by Gigglez December 02, 2005
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A piece of fecal matter that will not sink, usually the result of a meal with a high fat content.
I supersized my Big Mac meal and let out a two foot long floater the next morning.
by kaptainkindbud December 09, 2005
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Detritus or cells suspended in the aqueous of the eye which can be seen by staring into the light; Matter in the fluid of the eye which will settle or leave or appear; a naturally occurring phenomenon of aging;
When he looked at the light quickly and moved his eye he could make out the floaters suspended in his vision;
by wstlnguy July 13, 2009
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a person who isnt in a social click at a school and cant be labeled or put in one they know everyone, hang out with everyone, everyone know him/her, and is friends with everyone. There usually very popular very smart polite well liked and good looking
New kid "Hey who is that?"

*points down the hall at a kid who is hanging out with the Crazy ones while wearing the school's football team jacket high fives a popular as he walks by and while a rocker gives him back his guitar*
Friend of new kid "How do you not know him that's Alex"

New Kid "Really what click is he with and how can i get in?"
Friend of New Kid "He isnt in a click he is a floater and just go up and talk to him"
by Absol Night July 16, 2011
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Breasts, especially large breasts that may have been augmented. As used by Dannii Minogue on UK television
Dannii was asked about plastic surgery and she replied, "I've had my floaters done!"
by EDMWF November 16, 2008
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the opposite of sprewells. they dont spin at all.
Which is better spinners or floaters?
by MaTT January 02, 2005
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