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bits of plasma, protein, or vitreous that are suspended in the vitreous humor (the gelly substance that fills your eye ball)Though they are normal; most people will get them eventually. They can be congential (from birth) or develop (usually as you get older) They are annoying at first, but most people learn to cope with them. They can be best seen on bright days or while looking at a uniform object, such as the sky.
These floaters are distracting me!
by Anand M May 23, 2007

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hilarious new show on MTV. Aziz Ansari, Rob Huebel, Paul Scheer, and Jason Woliner are the guys who are on the show. MTV describes the show as: "A collection of recklessly hilarious, fast-paced, hard-hitting short films, Human Giant brings viewers innovative comedy with a distinctive style and direction."
I love Human Giant, I think I'll go watch it now.
by Anand M May 02, 2007

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synonymous with beautiful. such beauty can manifest itself in physical appearence or personality.
"I love her, she is so nammu"
by Anand M July 27, 2007

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A hardworking person who filter the garbage out of this site. He/she maintains the integrity of UD.
Editor: "What?? how does sushi mean to rape someone??"
*rejects definition*
by Anand M May 23, 2007

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