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One who has great skill in the art of manual stimulation of an orfice. Most commonly a vagina or anus.
Andy had manual stimulation with Amy last night, she was pleasured four times, man he is one fingerblaster.
by Jason J March 15, 2006
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A person who uses his/her fingers to bring sexual joy to someone else by inserting one or more fingers in the other person, bring them to a orgasmic state.
Joe, Mark and Pat are all known finger blasters whom all the women love and lust for.
by JoeLove101 February 25, 2008
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A Drinking game, involving a glass half filled with beer and at least 3 people. Tons of Fun! - For more details
Brent and Whitney along with friends were up all night playing finger blaster because they could not find any cards!
by feussner October 29, 2008
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somebody who often does their own thing despite others wishes.
I wanted to go eat, but Alex was being a fingerblaster and just wanted to stay in bed.
by Evannn January 24, 2007
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