The New Renaissance Guy. He masters everything people put him up to can do pretty much anything. Loved by girls (and guys) and stays neutral in all conflicts. Being around this guy brings you fourtune and sometimes fame. He also would have a weird love for christmas. He is good with his hands and listens well.
"Every time im with Garland good things happen" "I love how Garland resolved that conflict
by Pasa Doble March 26, 2009
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City in the east of Dallas. Garland might not be rich but its chill. We got fine Latina chicks and real ass niggas that dont be actin a fool all the time. We might have crime and gangs but we always keep it together.
Garland Texas. Yeah thats my Hood!
by JaCoreySS May 07, 2013
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A shy manly man. Very protective but comes across controlling. Is addive as drugs are so he will become your habit. Likes to stick to himself unless in a relationship than you will always be with him. Is not a family man but does have family. Well known as the bad boy. Most people are afraid of him but he can be a teddy bear. One of the best fisherman out there. Had a true love for the word of God but doesn't always follow his own religion. Best date would be on a beach camping.
Garland tok me fishing with him today.
by Cowboyslady December 21, 2016
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A boy that likes to drink garbage juice (AKA Big Red) who likes to annoy his friends. He flirts with everyone without warning. Likes to moan when he eats his food and generally mess around like he doesn't know any better.
Garland is a piece of garbage.
by khtheatreWHS May 24, 2018
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a funny mother fucker smokes alot of pot and always has the best bud and conversation just dont let him drink
that garland is wasted
by chigger funk August 05, 2010
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do not give a Garland a beer he turns into a wreck that will not stop touching you, kicking you or pinching you. and do not allow on the beach its not a pretty sight
oh no Garlands had to much beer
by dobbie11 June 06, 2011
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