The act of giving monetary reward to cows that have provided good service.

This is particularly common in rural societies, where cows are routinely employed in the service industry. Cows are not entitled to the minimum wage and rely heavily on tips.

Many cows blow their tips on their grass habit.

Not to be confused with cow topping, which is the selective removal of the extremities of a cow, to encourage further growth.
Heather 1: Hey let's get drunk and go cow tipping tonight!

Heather 2: Well if you're going to get drunk make sure to leave a good tip for the cow.
by Fishyrich April 27, 2019
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Mythical rural activity in which the perpetrators sneak up on a sleeping, standing cow in the dead of night and push it over sideways. Tends not to work for several reasons:

1. Cows don't sleep standing up (unlike horses, which do), nor do they zone out while standing up unless they're seriously ill.
2. Cows are quite heavy.
3. Dairy farmers hate this sort of shit and will probably bring it all over your dumb ass if they spot you trying.

Mostly it's a ploy to get foolish drunk people out in pastures in the middle of the night. People who've watched Heathers a few too many times might actually try it on their own.
Yee-haw! We gonna' treat you right, city slickers, with some good ol' fashioned cow-tippin' tonight! Finish yer beers and let's go git 'em!
by Flick April 1, 2004
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The theorectical act of pushing a cow over in the middle of the night while it is sleeping. This is of course impossible since cows sleep lying down.

Tipping a cow over, though, is possible if you have a few other people with you. Too bad that you could accidentally kill the poor cow if you actually succeed
Bob went cow tipping one night and now he's in jail for animal abuse and property damage
by Atanas October 26, 2006
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A hypothetical activity in which cows sleeping while standing up at night are tipped over by a modest exertion of force by (an often inebriated) person. This activity is believed to be physically impossible to accomplish for any reasonable large cow. Most commonly it is played as an in joke among rural people to make fun of urban folks who do not know any better and can be easily convinced that it is possible.

See Snipe Hunt.
Joe and I got plastered and went out cow-tipping. What a blast!
by Bill Martin October 29, 2003
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When someone walks into a bar or store and finds the most obese person in the place and proceeds to walk up, push them to the ground, and promptly vacate the premises.

This can cause reactions of extreme violence by the victim and others, so it is important to leave immediately after performing the act.
"Hey did you hear about that new bar down the street? We should go do some cow tipping."
by M Rockwell February 22, 2007
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This shouldn't even be in here because, as stated in other entries, it is a rural activity, not an urban one. Only urban slang belongs in the urban dictionary.
by <insert name here.> October 12, 2005
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A theory that town people think is true. When gay little fuckers go out in the pasture thinking a cow sleeps standing up (them little faggots). They try to push it over but realize the cow is awake and start running but slips and falls into cow shit. Then thier little rich scrubby ass goes home dirty and crying saying they want to sue the cow.
Joe went cow tipping and then went home crying to his mommy that night. That stupid little queerish faggot cum sucking mammas bitch that thinks cows sleep standing up...dumb rich town fucker
by monkey April 22, 2005
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