1-Slang name used by African American youths in the DC, Maryland and Virginia area to describe a black mail with long hair that acts heterosexual however is suspected of being a queen.

2-Typically Lurch is a "Big talking" ladies man that no one ever sees with a woman.
I could totally see Lurch smoking someone's pole.
by EL_Coyote April 6, 2010
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A tall, gangly, timid male who in generally inept at accomplishing any task with grace or elegance. Very rarely socially presentable but usually entertains with his awkwardness.
Did you see Lurch eat shit right in front of those girls at the party?

Ya that's some straight up Lurchin' shit!
by moransickle October 4, 2012
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Lurch is a term popular in Tecmo Super Bowl for the NES. It is a special move achieved when the player is controling the nose tackle and goes under the center and dives, this reluts in a sack or a loss of yards 90% of the time when used correctly.
Hey you fucker, quit lurching my ass!

You just lurched my QB!

Im gonna lurch your bitch ass

by slave and digz December 2, 2004
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To leave in tough predicament or spot, not reliable, put someone in a bad position
"I don't care if I leave work in a lurch when I leave." I left everyone in a lurch when I took 5 days of vacation to go on a golf trip.
by charlesthomascj April 8, 2007
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Nickname on Twitter for U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.
Lurch says there is proof WMD Sarin Gas was used in Syria.
by Schnikel Fritz September 1, 2013
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v. To eat the fuck out of something like you are the big lurch
by dsfasgd October 17, 2011
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