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How can a tour guide be called a tour manager if they didn't plan or oversee anything?

Why waste breath with "person with a disability" when "disabled" is more concise?
by kung-fu jesus September 06, 2004
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pissing people off by telling the truth
God that was so politically incorrect when he said 20% of homosexual end up with HIV.

A lot of these feel good hippies would rather hear a lie than a politically incorrect statement like that they're substantially more likely to be unemployed, have herpes, and a drug addiction.
by ox4d August 11, 2012
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A phrase used by those attempting to pull an ideological snowjob on their audience; implies that the statement is some deep (often offensive) truth that the Establishment is ignoring or obfuscating, when in all likelihood the snowjobber is trying to disguise a wingnut theory as a piece of significant thought.
They say it's politically incorrect to deny evolution; I say it's just incorrect.
by September 07, 2006
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1. Saying what you mean, and meaning what you say

2. Being vocal and active in speaking out against the government, especially during the G W Bush administration

3. What ignorant assholes use as their excuse for being ignorant assholes
1. It would be politically incorrect for a candidate to reveal their true agenda, especially if they step down from a multimillion-dollar corporate position to take a job that pays $100,00 a year.

2. Today, it is politically incorrect to say that the government has botched the Iraq invasion and persists in getting Americans killed for the benefit of a people that does not want us there.

3. Some call Ann Coulter politically incorrect, but she merely spouts the same tired diatribes and John Birch Society rhetoric, infused with her own ignorant vitriol.
by Dr. Badwrench November 10, 2007
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a) the exact opposite of what is considered 'politically correct' in one's zeitgeist.

b) what the modern medioacratic society doesn't want you to become, so can it better manipulate you through the media, through meaningless commercials, by screaming to you kiss the Don's ring, or die.


c) a type of slang language, a sort of unintelligible double-speak used among politically conscious individuals to say, in public, exactly what they mean and mean exactly what they say, politically speaking, and at the same time avoid George Orwell's Big Brother
politically incorrect individuals are politically conscious simply because they understand the essence of Rene Descarte's Latin phrase cogito ergo sum and are not afraid to be a white crow
by sexydimma December 08, 2014
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Stating widely-believed falsehoods for political reasons.
I know this is politically incorrect, but Muslims commit the vast majority of terrorist attacks in the United States.

I know I'm being politically incorrect but refugees cost the United States more money than they bring in.

I know it's politically incorrect to say this, but children of gay couples turn out worse than children of traditional families.
by Valerie Morghulis September 30, 2017
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