To empty the tank...to let the boys go swimming... I’m talking about jacking your dick ladies and gentlemen. When a man gets backed up, he needs to filter, to get out with the old, and bring in the new. Without filtering you’d get prostate cancer.
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by STEPMOMPINGASRRR December 18, 2018
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1. That little thing that resides in ones body between the brain and mouth.

2. The thing that rejects all the shit that you shouldn't say or do. Usually the thing that backs up your conscience.
Person 1: "did tou see chad at the xmas party".
Person 2: "Yeah he was so messed up that he told the boss to go fuck himself and use his tears for lubrication."
Person 1: "Yep he definitely lost his job and his filter."
by catdaddydan January 02, 2020
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