Hashtags that censor at least 85% of the words you say. They censor stuff that are apparently a no-no to kids 12 and under. I ####### hate the roblox filter, cuz you can't say ####.
Robloxian: Let's play hide and seek!
Robloxian:1, 2, 3, 4, 5 , 6 , #, #, 9 , 10
Other: Oh ##### I need to run #### or else i will ###!
Robloxian: I found you!
Other: Please don't #### ##!
Robloxian: *stabs*
Other: *####*
Robloxian: Man, the Roblox Filter sucks more than a ###!
Other: What?
by Beibo May 5, 2020
The "hoe filter" is otherwise known as the dog filter on snapchat. Girls most commonly use it if they feel insecure about taking a selfie of just they're face.
Bro look at Tina! She's using the hoe filter again!
by Itreallyisaj August 11, 2016
The ability to notice and disregard other people's bullshit
"I was listening to the conversation, but when my bullshit filter kicked in, I heard only every other word.
by theDefiner December 3, 2004
Carbon/carbonite filters are used for all sorts of purification. Lately, carbonite filters have been used on bongs. The smoke goes through the carbonite rock, removing carcinogens and other toxins, but not removing the THC. This means you won't cough as much. Regular carbon filters are replaced, while the built in Carbonite brand ones can be cleaned and maintained. It doesn't magically make more THC in your smoke, like the other definition suggests.
Stoner 1: Dude, I love this carbonite filter. It's better than my old ROOR ash catcher!
Stoner 2: Yeah man, just keep it clean.
by glass420lover April 16, 2011
The post-processing effect in video games that gives them a tint, often yellow.
Resident Evil 5 has a 'piss filter', which makes everything in the game look like its covered in piss.
by kittoo August 20, 2011
The degree to which a person's pants filter out his/her flatulence. The higher the fecal filter the less fart you smell.
Customer: Excuse me sir, could you tell me which of these brands of jeans has the highest fecal filter?

Salesperson: Of course. (Brand A) will give you the best protection. Wear (Brand B), however, and you might as well go commando; you can practically SEE the gas wafting out.
by pickleicious13 January 5, 2011
Snapchat filters are created by Snapchat (hence the name) and used by Snapchat users in order to optimize the fun of using the popular mobile app. The hoe filter is one of the most popular filters, as it is frequently used by hoes (hence its name). The filter itself has an innocent design adding dog ears and tongue on the face of the individual placed in the center of the screen, e.g. a hoe posing with 'adorable' dog features.
Kyle: "So'up mate. I hear you are seeing a new girl!"
Matt: "Na. She might be a hoe..."
Kyle: "Well, how can you tell?"
Matt: "Yesterday she created a MyStory of her posing with The Hoe Filter for more than 60 seconds."
Kyle: "Oh she's that kind of girl..."
Matt: *sighs*

hoe snapchat snapchat filter fuckboy slut nudes whore
by sugary April 7, 2016