Substitute word for something sexual when you're telling your sister about a dream the night before and you catch yourself.
"He filtered inside my jeans this morning"
"You were NOT filtering inside my jeans!"
by emx1 November 11, 2011
A guy thinks your cute because you have a picture of you with a filter on

when a guy only cares about your looks and only likes you because you have a filter
"OMG Shelly is so hot,she is filtered, without the filter is a no"
by Flynnstone7 November 18, 2018
A stupid filter that roblox has which hashtags almost half the words in the english language, the filter keeps getting worse and worse every year until the point you can't type the letter 'a'.
Person #1 : Hey ###### ### ##### #### ok?

Person #2 : Yeah sure # #### play ########### with ####.

Roblox Filter is a stupid way of making words invisible for younger 5-12 roblox kids.
by ThoniS July 7, 2017
The filter in guys' brains which keeps unspoken love and affection for one another unspoken, as it should be.
When a guy shows way too much physical and verbal affection for another guy, making otherwise normal situations and interactions creepy, awkward and uncomfortable, he has ignored his Dude Filter:

-Extra long hugs.
-Telling a guy he's sweet and you love him.
-Talking way too close to him.
by Raixor February 27, 2012
A part or stage in a game that escalates in difficulty in a very short period of time, separating the casuals from the actual gamers.

Not to be confused with a steep/vertical learning curve, as these mean that the game is hard to learn and master from the beginning.

Games with a casual filter will give you a false feeling of confidence as the filter comes after you have learned the basics and started progressing, just to catch you off guard and make your run end, usually having to start from zero again.

Some examples of casual filters in games include the winter in Project Zomboid and your first goblin raid in Dwarf Fortress
Person 1: Ayo wtf is this I just lost my 30h run, how do you even survive the winter?
Person 2: Welcome to the casual filter, play more and git gud
by Alien3.0C May 24, 2022
The Snapchat lense that only hoes use.
Felicia is a hoe, she only uses the dog filter.
by xxNUDESxx June 16, 2016