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A term used to describe someone who is very direct when conversing on various subjects. Anyone described as having no filter says exactly what is on his/her mind without cleaning up their language, no matter how offensive or politically incorrect it may be.
Boyfriend: Hey, babe. How do I look?
Girlfriend: LOL You look like a Cirque De Solei reject.
Boyfriend: Whoa, you really have no filter. LOL.
by Gladilay May 06, 2017

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Femplaining is a portmanteau of the words "female" and "complain". A term used to describe when a woman complains about an issue(s) that are trivial and rant about them as if they are legitimate issues when in actuality, they aren't.
Female Barista: I just saw a white guy wearing a shirt with Japanese characters on it. That is so offensive! He shouldn't wear it if he's not Japanese!

Boss: Yeah, yeah. Quit your femplaining and get back to work.

See: SJW
by Gladilay October 26, 2016

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A snarky retort you give to a family member during Thanksgiving, usually in response to a passive aggressive remark made by said family member.
Uncle: "Why you always in and out of this house?"

Me: "Why are you always in and out of jail?"

Cousin: "Still struggling to find a job, huh?"
Me: "Still struggling to find your baby daddy, huh?" #Thanksgiving Clapback
by Gladilay November 20, 2017

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A person, typically an SJW, who places great importance on gender identity to the point where they believe it’s the only thing that identifies and validates them. They appear to want nothing more than to be viewed as normal and yet do everything they can to try to stand out at the same time for the sake of getting attention or special treatment.

They are usually seen in the comments section demonizing anyone who refuses to remember every gender pronoun in existence and telling anyone who outrightly refuses to believe in the notion of there being separate genders outside of male and female what horrible people they are.

Not to be confused with a transtrender.
Person 1: "Dude, the other day, I asked this random chick for the time and she literally started screeching at me about how bigoted I am for assuming her gender, even though she admitted to identifying as a girl with she and her pronouns.”

Person 2: "Wow, didn't think you'd run into a Genderite outside the internet."
by Gladilay October 26, 2017

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A person described as being overly critical of other people's meal choices. Nutrition Nazis will often express their displeasure with someone's choice of food that they deem unhealthy or unfit for human consumption. Some might even advocate for everyone to be forced to have their meals meet the Nutrition Nazi's standards.
Father: You know, I heard that teachers are taking away kid's lunches because they thought it wasn't healthy enough.
Mother: Really? Those people are total Nutrition Nazis!
by Gladilay May 01, 2017

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A term used to describe a woman who is arrogant, self-absorbed and superficial. To call a woman "miss thing" is to suggest that she has little merit and yet walks around with an undeserved sense of superiority.
"Hey, check out Miss Thing over there in her brand new dress."
"She told me that her husband bought her that dress for $800!"
"Who told you that lie? She's not married, she bought that at a thrift store. I know because I bought that same exact dress two years ago at Ross for $25."
by Gladilay April 22, 2018

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