a way knowing if parts are applicable or not... synonymous to Mick
We've got an interpretation issue.. Quick call Mick!!
by Uncle Bozos August 6, 2010
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increasingly popular flash animations made on paint / powerpoint / microsoft movie maker, in which somebody takes a song, where it's hard to understand the lyrics. then if they don't like it, they can completely take the piss out of it and pwn it anyway they see fit. or if they like it, they can do an equally funny but good natured one.

started on youtube in about february 2006.
interpretation of fallout boy's dance dance = fallout boy's teds pants
by joey i am August 30, 2006
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The short sophisticated verb form of the word Interpretation. The word is more direct and adds emphasis and implies an appeal to logos. It is commonly regarded as "not grammatically correct" but those who are ignorant of this word are just stoopid. (irony)
Gunnar K. cant interpretate for shit.
by TLPILLY June 15, 2009
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It's when you take something and make your own meaning out of it.
The dress code says "We want to promote modesty."
I interpret that as "We want to ruin your life."
by Eileen S November 16, 2007
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The word “interpret” means to understand or being able to explain. Or the way you look at a situation.
Person 1: me and my friend are in an argument can you interpret what “fuck off” means?
Person 2: this means to go away, or just leave me alone.
by KrabbsWantsHisMoneyBack March 13, 2018
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1. To explain while drunk: interpretated the ambassador's remarks. See Synonyms at explain while drunk.
2. To conceive the significance of while drunk; construe while drunk
3. To present or conceptualize the meaning of by means of art or criticism while drunk.
4. To translate orally while drunk.
Tressa interpretated the situation to me. I had no idea what the f*&k she was talking about. Interpretate.
by chasemanset February 12, 2010
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to interpret something in a new way

said if your brain stops working for a moment
an art or philopsophy student might interpretize something if they are very tired
by fail_lover January 25, 2010
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