A boy who makes you feel like he can give you the stars. A boy you believe only sees you.
A boy who gives you that "I have to pee" feeling even though that isn't true at all. Someone you would do anything for, someone you believe would do anything for you and would never hurt you. the one person who can make you feel beautiful. a person who can also make you feel insecure. Someone who makes you feel a serge of electricity every time you touch.
The amazing feeling you get when your boyfriend kisses you on the cheek.

The way you feel complete when your boyfriend moves the hair out of your face.

The way you feel when your boyfriend looks into your eyes.
by Ms. Mars January 23, 2012
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a guy who is there to make you feel loved, he's basically your best friend
Damnnnnnn my boyfriend is the bestttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!
by hi(:( December 20, 2017
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the Person you always go to when you are sad mad or happy. The person who will never judge you. The person who is there for u through thick and thin. You can count on him to make you feel loved. Always ready to hold you in their arms and shower u with kisses.
by Kaylaaaaaaa October 20, 2018
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Boyfriend Definition

A guy who is always there for u at anytime of the day and is willing to wake up in the middle of the night if u need him, someone that will stay up with u as long as you want him too. A person you can tell everything and trust them to keep a secret if u want it as a secret. Someone that won't let you face any problems alone even if you tell them you don't need help. They will stay on face time with you for hours and just talk. Someone that will look at u and tell u exactly how they feel and tell u stuff that no one else would tell u. someone that is always available to hang out and is willing to make time for u. And when u hang out you can cuddle with them and he can make you feel protected from anything that can hurt you and when your cuddling he will stroke his hands through your hair and rub your back and make sure you are comfortable and will make sure he doesn't take things too fast and lets you go at your own pace and will bring you food when u want it. He is so nice and kind no matter what and cares for u and can never get u off his mind.
by Tori H. S March 18, 2017
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A male that is close to your heart. He is the one you can't stand to go a day without seeing. He provides everything you need, including sex, love, protection, comfort and an escape from the world. No matter what, you can go to him with your problems and he will make your bad days happy and full of love.
Your boyfriend is the one you run to when your world is tumbling down.
by lilwomen69 October 18, 2009
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A boy who cares about you, protects you. You can trust him and he's trustworthy. He's more than a friend, you kiss him and hug him and, depending on your age, you can have sex.
by grei_eba August 2, 2009
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A boy who is caring, kind, sweet, and loving to a girl. Does everthing he can to make her happy, and loves her with all his heart. Treats her with respect and forgiveness. Doesnt let the little things get in his way of caring for this girl. Shes her and tells her he loves her each day, and is loyal to her. Does not think of other girls the same way he thinks of her. And looks at her like shes on top of the world every second of the day. He may not be perfect or hot in every single way but he knows how to show effection and passion and love towards his girl. Thats the only thing that really matters. Looks are just a bonus. Dont get me wrong its a great thing if a guys hot but if they treat you like shit then thats not a keeper.
Bali: Hi (: Your cute I think we should hang out sometime <3

Carter (other girls boyfriend) : I have a girlfriend.

Bali: Soooo? She doesnt have to know (:

Carter: Good bye.
by Never going to be fixed. December 5, 2009
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