To feel a womans breast or ass under her shirt usually.
I felt up Laura on our date, then i fucked her pussy.
by D! October 2, 2003
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to touch and/or caress the female chest. This can involve hands or a toungue.
Sometimes can be referred to when caressing the female ass for erotic pleasure.
I love feeling up Jenna's warm firm tits with my hand, it gets me so hard and she usually lets me cum on her tits later.
by Oren June 3, 2003
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to feel up a mans body, and afterwards caressing into there pants where a handjob will take place
Do you want a feel up?
Why yes that would be nice
by lola909 August 2, 2007
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To feel someone's sexual spots e.g penis , vagina , bum or boobs
Tim : I felt up my girlfriend last night

Dave : nicee a good feel up

Tim: I know I touched her vagina
by Big Tim 123 July 20, 2019
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When someone sticks their hand up a girls shirt and feels her boobs or up/down her skirt/pants and feels her pussy
we started making out and then my boyfriend felt me up, right before we got downt to business
by cydnejane August 26, 2004
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When a guy puts his hands down a girls shirt and squeezes her tits
I felt her up.
by jessica February 22, 2003
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