301 definitions by jessica

Kelsey. you're so licky today
by jessica January 30, 2005
Asking a person to love you
4 represents 4 letters, as does love
2 represents 2 letters, as does me
Star: 42
Steve: No
Star: Please
Steve: I like my hair, lets date
Star: Okay
by jessica May 19, 2006
mike irvin has a schmegma probleme.... EWWWW
by jessica November 20, 2003
n. A chaotic or confused situation.
adj. In a state of confusion or chaos.
tr.v. To make confused or chaotic.
this situation is snafus
by jessica April 13, 2005
bastardette is a female bastard, a girl born without a father figure.
Shirley is a bastardette.
by jessica March 10, 2005
a drink or other liquid that is consumed
im thirsty im going to the fridge to get some slurpage
by jessica October 8, 2003