23 definitions by Oren

the dark matter that builds up uner your toenail after 3 months of avoidance, not to mention it smells like rotten mayo the dwells in liklyness of teste satchel.
you smell like the underlying filth , i want to kill my whole family
by Oren November 6, 2004
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the attempt of a chineese man saying "c plus"
"what do you guys have to drink here "

" coke, splite , cput"
by Oren November 6, 2004
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to touch and/or caress the female chest. This can involve hands or a toungue.
Sometimes can be referred to when caressing the female ass for erotic pleasure.
I love feeling up Jenna's warm firm tits with my hand, it gets me so hard and she usually lets me cum on her tits later.
by Oren June 3, 2003
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a fat housekeeper with wretched crumby feet
there are so many crumbs on you feet , you are crum tilda
by Oren November 6, 2004
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kids in high school that have teeth that look as though they have been feeding on limestone for all meals
by Oren November 6, 2004
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To finger (to stimulate a woman's vagina with the hands and fingers)

The word "finger" has an evil sound do it. It connotates that fingering is a disgusting act. This has a much better sound to it - almost like "romance".

Etymology: hetero-masturbating (masturbating another person) became shortened to romast, and then romass
I had a great time with Hannah last night... yeah, I romassed her. I love her so much.
by Oren February 22, 2005
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some one who is extremely obese not hygenically up to date and unshaven, ususally accompanied by the remains of food stuffs hanging on various places. Applies to both sexes.
the big rosy o'donell
by Oren November 6, 2004
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