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a person or being that identifies themselves as a creator of artof any sort
duchamp; el greco; stanely kubrik; lydia lunch; ray bradbury (you get the point)
by Stacy January 14, 2004
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Amazing to the maximum degree. The absolute highest level of awesome.

Originated in the Boston area and is rapidly catching on.
"That guy's eyeliner and tight pants look amaxing on him."
by Stacy March 28, 2005
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My breasts are pretty big, I love to have them sucked on!
by Stacy February 21, 2004
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rage and soundgarden individually created the orgasm of sound, each style from their own creativity, but now in a united front, AUDIOSLAVE, they create the cornerstone of rock perfection. The unique combination works perfectly and is the climax of music history, in my wee opinion anyway!
Audioslave can make you come hard and fast, or slow and errotically.PERFECTION
by Stacy May 28, 2003
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a tourist that comes to New Jersey in the summer and they wreck our beaches with their trash. :(
That benny really pisses me off, he messes up the beach every summer.
by Stacy March 12, 2005
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guy who comes too quick during sex and doesn't get the girl off
"He came quick. He got his, I ain't getting mine, I'm like fuck."

"You done got you a muthafuckin minute man."
by Stacy July 02, 2003
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