1) brand name : french connection united kingdom
2) spelling of fuck common when bad language filters are present
3) alternate spelling of fuck
1) Did you see the FCUK shirt she was wearing?
2&3) What the fcuk are you doing?
by Kirbee June 13, 2004
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FCUK is for the intelectually and morally challenged
by emily laura August 12, 2005
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Fashion/Apparel company that used a contrived acronym (French Connection United Kingdom) to allow them to create a logo that looked like a common expletive at first glance. A typical example of the desperate and murky depths to which modern marketing vermin will sink to make a buck.
Anyone who buys fcuk gear is a brainwashed cretin who falls for pathetic marketing ploys.
by Mystikan March 25, 2004
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French Connection United Kingdom
The most un-urban brand of clothing out there. If you wear or like this clothing you should be using the suburbandictionary.com.
FCUK has spawned a world-wide race of young, highly similar, coffee-drinking euro-trash.
by Diego November 21, 2003
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1. french connection united kingdom

2. fit chick unbelievalbe knockers
girl: ooh, i need to buy some clothes, i'll go to fcuk.

guy 1: check out that fcuk!
guy 2: nice!
by g4000 July 19, 2009
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a shirt my mom wouldnt let me get b/c she thought it ment fuck
see above
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The exactly wrong way to spell "fuck"
by boobs July 20, 2003
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