an unsafe or risky environment. can also be associated with something illegal. much like something shady or sketchy.
"i got stabbed yesterday, it was hella murky"

"you wanna go and hang out in that dark alley?"
"naw dude that place is murky"

"I saw a dude fucking a cow-man yesterday, it was murky"
by ballerblake242424 December 25, 2009
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a little like the word 'bad' when it first came to fashion in the early 90s, (late 80s), murky's meaning is twofold. It is the new word for "shady", which basically means something is sly - a sneaky manoevre on some filth (a chick) can be sly, or a devious burglar could be sly.
that shizzle was murky, you proper murkied on that filth yo. Word to dat murkiness my nizzle. sheeit.
by deviant March 27, 2004
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unclear or unintelligible.
Rap lyrics are usually murky.
by white dave October 20, 2003
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To get murk. basically dominating at a sport or game.
We got murky playing halo on x box live.
I got murky on the b-ball court today.
by The real s-dot June 20, 2007
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A word used for the loss of insight of a person and or a situation. Could also be used to describe a shady person.
So about that shit you told me last night... Bro she really be movin' like that?

"Yuup. bruh it's murky right now."
by ChangeSlang November 22, 2019
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slang name for dirty water, usually used to describe sluts or girls that "get around"
"did you see murky today?"
"No, she's probably fucking critter in the music building."
by rachelll1234 May 23, 2009
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