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home to nemesis, oblivion, air, ripsaw, corkscrew, rita, spinball, enterprise...etc
by emily laura June 17, 2005
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A disease. It can't be "snapped out of". People don't realise that you don't have to be a living skeleton to be anorexic, you just have to be obsessed with losing weight.
Anorexia is pure hell, and no-one choses to inflict it upon themselves.
by emily laura June 9, 2005
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A kick-ass movie!! A romantic comedy...with zombies!!
Shaun: "Ed doesn't have too many friends..."
Ed: "Can I buy any of you cunts of drink?"
by emily laura May 7, 2005
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ride at alton towers...a scary 87.5 degree drop...fucking awesome
does it need one?????????????????????????????
by emily laura June 17, 2005
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Acronym for Proffesionally Trained Idiots
by emily laura June 11, 2005
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