just another way to get to urbandictionary.com (try it, im not kidding)
suburbandictionary.com and urbandictionary are the same site!
by jOoLie October 5, 2004
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Though the name "urbandictionary.com" implies that the dictionary is written from an urban viewpoint, most of the kids that contribute are actually angst-ridden, suburban teens.

Since these teens also shop at "Urban Outfitters," wear "Urban Decay" makeup, and join dance teams called "Urban Revolution," it's only fitting that they name their lengthy lexicon "urban," as well.

This domain allows Urban Dictionary to go back to its roots and truly represent.
Suburbandictionary.com has been my homepage ever since I stalked all that was available to stalk on Facebook.
by ANAANAANA February 3, 2011
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