Stands for the designer label 'French Connection United Kingdom'
"I just got a new top from FCUK"
by dw March 23, 2003
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An intentional misspelling of the word "fuck", and since the spelling of the word itself is "fucked up", it is used to emphasis one's point when using it in such context.
George: "Yo, dwag, have you seen 2Girls1Cup yet?"
Steven: "Yeah, man, that is fcuked up."
by Charlesly July 10, 2010
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ahaha look at all you morons, you think fcuk is a real word
by poop June 11, 2003
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1. A complete and total balls up,
2. A more politically, socially acceptable use or pronunciation of the word "Fuck".
The Pope arrived in Saudi Arabia and upon kissing the tarmac on the runway was heard to remark, "Do you ever sweep this fcuking place?".
by Dr. Ryan January 29, 2003
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means french connection UK, but scllies think it says: go f**k the c**t of your muther
oi you, go FCUK
by insitiona December 8, 2003
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to be of apparent annoyance; to cause loss of enjoyment
by #p April 5, 2003
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Originally a typo of the word "fuck", this word has taken on its own meaning and is official in the Urban Dictionary. Since the word it is derived from has such a vulgar meaning, fcuk has a pleasant meaning. For comical purposes, of course.

1. to fcuk(v.): to hug; to cuddle
2. a fcuk; fcuker(n.): a very huggable person; one who enjoys cuddling with others
3. fcuking(adj.): of the state of being that is related to warm and fuzzy cuddlyness.
1. I'd like to fcuk your mom.
2. Go scuk a fcuk, you fcuker!
3. You are such a fcuking bish!
by Go make me a waffle, bitch! January 8, 2004
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