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a shirt my mom wouldnt let me get b/c she thought it ment fuck
see above
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1. When u stay up all night for studying purposes but probably fall asleep at 12:30 out of boredom
2. When u fuck all nite and ladies if u know a guy that can go all nite KEEP HIM
1. i thought i was gonna fail that test so i pulled an all-nighter
2. he gave me an all-nighter he is so amazing
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every gut should have a nice one work owt and u should b fine
damn that boy has a nice body
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pubic hair. man or womans. women should really shave it off, but some men actually perfer it. seen in south park where cartman buys that red heads pubes for 16 dollers and some-odd cents. the pubes were surprisingly not red.
just watch south park please
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a pie, not to be confused with quickie
i will have one quiche please
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