50 Cent's favorite song acording to a interview, in the video, he explains how he got shot 9 times and survived.
Drive-by shotters:Hey yo lets shoot that 50 prick, aye lets go..
50 Cent:Mudafucka your lives are in the line...
by Enrique September 11, 2004
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A party foul commited by a friend/acquaintence in which he/she takes you to a bar/party with an unacceptable male to female ratio, a.k.a. sausagefest. A TMMOTI penalty requires the offender to get the offended a drink of their choice and gives the offended the option of immediate extraction. The drink can be deferred until the next destination.
When we got to the bar, I noticed it was a total sausagefest. I called Tom for a Too Many Men On The Ice penalty. Due to the extremity of the ratio, I chose to leave immediately and wait til the next bar for him to buy me a shot.
by Dale Wholphin November 16, 2011
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