To realize/tell somebody how stereotypical you/they are.
Originates from the first verse of the song "admit it"-say anything, which has lyrics that make fun of every stereotype you could think of.

Admit it!
Despite your pseudo-bohemian appearance

And vaguely leftist doctrine of beliefs

You know nothing about art or sex

That you couldn’t read in any trendy New York underground fashion magazine

Prototypical non-conformist

You are a vacuous soldier of the thrift store Gestapo

You adhere to a set of standards and tastes

That appear to be determined by an unseen panel of hipster judges (bullshit)

Giving a thumbs up or thumbs down to incoming and outgoing trends and styles of music and art
Go analog baby, you’re so post-modern

You’re diving face forward into a antiquated past
It’s disgusting, it's offensive, don’t stick your nose up at me.
guy 1, "dude! dont you love wearing plaid-shirts and listening to indie underground music?"
guy 2, "admit it man. look at yourself."
by IndieRockerHiggins July 12, 2009
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To give in to someone about something you'd rather they didnt know.
Such as admitting that you cheat, lie, smoke, are gay .. etc.
Guy 1: You're an asshole.
Guy 2: Oh yeah, you caught me out there.

(Guy 2 admits he is an asshole)
by Ashily August 1, 2006
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A new, awesome melbourne band, possibly almost as cool as short stack.
by KaylaaaD June 9, 2009
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"Admit to Life; Believe in Heart; Conform to Love; Defend to End".
Admit, believe, conform, defend to life.

Admit to Life: to be mortal is to be certain of nothing else.
Believe in Heart: create from the core as to stray is to strive.
Conform to Love: precedes every law to strengthen entirety.
Defend to End: never, ever deny the value of your destiny.
by Ricardo Alonso March 30, 2014
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(1) An incredibly silly thing to say, in light of the fact that Dragon Ball GT managed to remove what semblance of order and half-decent storytelling existed in Dragon Ball Z: a Japanese anime about men and aliens with bulging muscles and spiky hair obliterating each other with flashing beams of colorful energy.

(2) A comment you can make to let your otaku friends know you have terrible taste in Japanese anime.

(3) Something the writhing hordes of Super Saiyan lovers would say only because Dragon Ball GT created Super Saiyan 4.
So, I got hit on the head by a fridge the other day while watching my favorite cartoon, Dragon Ball Z. Although I'll admit, I like GT a bit better.
by TastyRiff April 27, 2009
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When a person publicly belching (or fart) and says nothing. That person has decided they are going to die alone. They never apologize for the simplest of common manners.
Belching and saying nothing. It is an accepted tacitly that you are admitting dying alone.
by Moustache Squeege August 1, 2022
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that the civilized world is a fake world. and it's probably not working?

i am a cajun from louisiana state and i don't quite understand this what's so wrong with living the life of a savage instead?
Why can't we just admit
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