How Frank Sinatra did it.
I faced it all and I stood tall and did it my way.
by Big Merl April 9, 2004
The right way, and anyone who disagrees is by definition wrong"
"No, we'll do this my way!"
by nyehhhhhhh September 22, 2014
Way to describe somebody you find attractive, stems from the Fetty Wap song “My Way
“Damn that girl over there is actually a my way, I should go talk to her”
by Own u September 3, 2018
When a "friend" refers to a period in time where they are THINKING about leaving but could actually arrive in anywhere from 1 to 6 hours (usually later than sooner).
Garret: Don't worry man, on my way !

*3 hours later*

Garret arrives
by FactorySP May 27, 2017
The abbreviation, “omw” but typed from an iPhone with the default keyboard shortcut.
Guy 1 (texting): aight I’m On my way!

Guy 1: shit, I just meant to say omw

Guy 2: rip
by Vampiric March 24, 2018
What a friend says when I’m reality they just woke up.
Hey Erica I’m on my way!

*4 hours later* Jessie arrives
by Justdoitjoe March 14, 2018