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"Fuzzy credit card" is a moderately pejorative phrase referring to the costs that a male normally incurs while socializing with a female. An obvious and sophomoric comparison is made between using a credit card reader and the act of sexual intercourse: Sliding one's penis into a woman's vagina will rack up the highest interest rates you are ever going to pay.
1. That woman is a real fuzzy credit card. I'm bankrupting myself just trying to satisfy her desires for gifts and expensive dinners!

2. Dude, I had to dump that chick. I was racking up too many charges on that fuzzy credit card.

3. She sure is enjoyable to be around, but I had to shit-can her, because she ended up being a fuzzy credit card.
by Rook's Buddy May 9, 2010
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Suzy Stinky Snatch is actually Rosie Rotten Crotch's first cousin.

They both have vaginas that smell worse than a shit-house toilet bowl on a fishing boat!

Note: These are fictitious people, and are used for the purpose of definition.
I banged this Suzy Stinky Snatch last night... Her pussy was quite rank, but actually felt good as I shot her vagina full of goo.
by Rook's Buddy May 10, 2010
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Vaginal politics refers to the workplace interaction with women, especially when the boss, or supervisor, is a woman. There is no gender bias in this definition, as vaginal politics effect both women and men. Often, vaginal politics involves latent sexual desires, with many hidden meanings and double entendres.
1. The organization was great to work for, the eventually the vaginal politics got to be too much after they replaced my old boss with a female.

2. My job has gotten much easier now that I'm fucking my boss. He never has me do any of the scut work.
by Rook's Buddy May 10, 2010
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The term "scooter trash" generally refers to motorcyclists who are not organized into a more formal group. It is proper to refer to a group of middle-aged grey-beard types as scooter trash. Scooter trash can also refer to a group of teenagers and 20somethings on plastic Japanese motorcycles. Generally, scooter trash consists of harmless, relatively nice people who ride motorcycles. Biker gang members are not scooter trash.
1. Hey, check out the scooter trash on those crotch-rockets! Lets follow them; they probably know where the cool chicks hang out.

2. He is a good rider. He has been scooter trash for a long time.
by Rook's Buddy May 10, 2010
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A term that is synonymous with "regular guy." Coined after the caps they wear, which often display the logo of a favorite sports team, company or organization. Many regular guys prefer this kind of logo-wear, and don't seem to mind paying for such items.
1. Said by a woman to her girlfriend: OMG, look at that ballcap! I wonder if he has any hair under that stupid hat?

2. Those ballcaps at the home-center store always stare at my breasts. I'm sure they are harmless, but they give me the creeps! (Also said by a woman to her girlfriend.)

3. That drunken and rude ballcap asked me for directions. I'm sure he didn't understand what I told him.
by Rook's Buddy May 23, 2010
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A yard-care Mexican is one of those hardworking men who tend the yards and do the landscaping for many homes and businesses in America. They also hang sheet-rock and finish concrete. At least ten yard-care Mexicans can fit in a Ford Gran Torino, and up to a dozen can ride in the back of a Chevrolet pickup truck. (Also known as a "Chebby," in the Spanglish language that they utter.) They frequently grin, but seldom smile, especially toward white people. Yard-care Mexicans are seen driving ten miles-per-hour slower than the rest of any traffic, and often constitute a roadway hazard. This is not a fault of the yard-care Mexican, but only the natural result of a person having a donkey or burro as their first car.
1. Be careful of that Chevrolet pickup towing that trailer full of brush and yard refuse. That vehicle is being driven by a yard-care Mexican!
2. Yo, dude, don't hit on that Mexican woman, her yard-care Mexicans sons will cut you!
3. Those yard-care Mexicans worked all day for me... It is unfortunate that the Immigration Police showed up with the white van... I didn't even get to pay them!
by Rook's Buddy May 23, 2010
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Clitty litter is what ends up in the crotch of a woman's panties. It consists of dried semen, vaginal secretions, and any other material the woman may be shedding from her uterine and vaginal lining. It can also consist of bits of toilet paper, and if the woman is very unclean, bits of fecal matter, also known as shit. A dingleberry may detach from the hair around the woman's anus, and this too may end up becoming clitty litter.
Clitty litter can be white, red, green, or even brown. This depends on the recent activity of the woman, and her attention to personal hygiene. Check the woman's panties for skid marks!
I was going to go down on that bitch, but that good-looking pussy smelled of ass. Being sneaky, I checked her panties, and found the vented cotton panel to be soaked with dried clitty litter. I then directed me to give me a blow job.

Example two: My girlfriend just got out of the shower, so there was little chance of encountering any nasty clitty litter.
by Rook's Buddy May 8, 2010
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