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A people who migrated to Michigan from the coal-producing states of Appalachia. To include: Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee. A Southern accent is often detectable in these people. Often Michigan hillbillies will have relatives in the Southern states.
1. Those Michigan hillbillies sure love those pickup trucks with big tires! (Monster truck Big Foot came from Michigan.)

2. Michigan hillbilly family interaction:
Son: Mom, I'm really horny.

Mother: That's alright Sonny, you can stay home tonight and fuck your sister!
by Rook's Buddy May 12, 2010
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A slang term referring to semen. "Man-spackle" is compared to a white spreadable wall plastering compound, hence, "man-spackle" tends to be a word used by common blue-collar workers in the construction trades.
Example 1: I pulled my penis from her vagina, and ejaculated a load of man-spackle onto her breasts.

Example 2: My girlfriend came home with dried man-spackle covering her tramp stamp. What a white-trash whore she turned out to be!
by Rook's Buddy May 12, 2010
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The word "Nancy-boy" is a postwar term for a homosexual male. It is a softer word than faggot, queer, or dick-smoker. "Nancy-boy" is synonymous with "that way," meaning light-in-the-loafers, but harmless and not at all threatening or predatory.
Your brother is sure a Nancy-boy. His house is just beautiful, and he keeps a wonderful yard. His pug dogs are cute too!
by Rook's Buddy May 10, 2010
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The mat of pubic hair on a female that must be parted before urination or the stream of urine will be split into a disgusting spray of nasty hot piss.
Example one: Lori has such a nasty mat of hair on her pussy that she must part her labia so that she can avoid spraying the entire toilet bowl with a golden piss cutter.

Example two: That nasty bitch pulled her panties aside to take a leak, but sprayed the bumper of my truck with a golden horrible piss cutter!
by Rook's Buddy May 08, 2010
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The term "scooter trash" generally refers to motorcyclists who are not organized into a more formal group. It is proper to refer to a group of middle-aged grey-beard types as scooter trash. Scooter trash can also refer to a group of teenagers and 20somethings on plastic Japanese motorcycles. Generally, scooter trash consists of harmless, relatively nice people who ride motorcycles. Biker gang members are not scooter trash.
1. Hey, check out the scooter trash on those crotch-rockets! Lets follow them; they probably know where the cool chicks hang out.

2. He is a good rider. He has been scooter trash for a long time.
by Rook's Buddy May 09, 2010
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"Riding the minipad" simply means that a female is menstruating, or, rather, the female is on the rag.
Two examples:
1. (Regarding menstruation.) My girlfriend won't be any fun tonight, she is riding the minipad! Perhaps she will let me ejaculate in her mouth?

2. (Regarding fucking.) I fucked the devil out of your cousin. She'll be riding the minpad for a while, to soak up all my semen and prevent it from running down her leg. You KNEW that your cousin doesn't wear panties, right?
by Rook's Buddy May 10, 2010
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