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Cross between fat and muscular; easier to spot if shirtless or wearing a net wifebeater style.
by Anonymous June 20, 2003
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An Australian term. A doughy person is slow to catch on and in fact would be the type of person who doesn't understand the meaning of this word.
Girl in Mcdonalds: What does doughy mean?
Other girl in McDonalds: It means doughy like you know dough.
by Roger Incognito July 06, 2009
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long standing Aussie term for moron not invented by Rachel or her friend! also term describing doing doughnuts in a car.
johnnos a real doughy cunt.
peto was doin some sik doughys out the front of the servo yesty mate
by fingalhead August 17, 2006
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When you have a half-way hard donger. Usually happens after you see a hott girl.
Mannn...She gives me a huge doughy!!!
by Anonymous September 10, 2003
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Trippy/Shady. Used to describe a person.
"Zoe is so doughy. I swear she didn't have that many followers last week."
"What a doughy hoe."
by niamh-eo June 10, 2015
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An Aussie term made-up by me and my best friend to describe another slow, stupid classmate, and my little sister. Kind of like being a dumb blonde. Best explanation I can give is simple – doughy : meaning thick, like dough is before it’s baked.
Doesn’t grasp/understand things quickly
1. During class one day my best friend and i threw something at our doughy friend, it hit her right on the back of her head, and about a min later she slowly blinked, looked around and asked “did someone just throw something at me??”

2. My sister: “Y would u need to use listerine if ur on a boat?”
Me: “Because if u drink too much salt water u’ll get barnicles on ur teeth, like the underside of the boat
My sister: “…..really…?”

3. My mum: “I need u to buy a pressie for a 6 yr old girl” *on top of list writes Barbie Clothes*
Me: “What size clothes do u want tho…”
Mum: *laughs* *changes Barbie Clothes to Barbie Clothes FOR BARBIE*
by Rachel Taylor (tm) September 27, 2005
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