a night of raw dubstep,reggae,electro,drum and bass old school hip hop.

ORIGIN old english-west hampstead london
to have a wicked night out:i had a fatchick night
by supasullie May 22, 2009
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Please help define, as this is what I came looking for and did not find.

Some models of vw buses and beatles, maybe post '69 from what i can tell, refering to wider bodied volkswagens
Stoner 1:Dude, sweet new hippie bus

Stoner 2:Yeah, it's a fat chick

Stoner 1:I love fat chicks
by HiatusAlways January 13, 2009
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Slang term for a Volkswagen Bay Window Bus or Super Beetle
Matthew was given a Fatchick.
by Andy Garcia September 30, 2005
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The definition of Fat Chicks stands for the meaning of being gay or retarded
Thomas fat chicks XD
by Mr Leet March 07, 2008
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syn: stupid, dumb ass, retart, prisoner

A very stupid person; an immature person; an ex-con; a person who has been raped in jail
Anyone who goes for a deal like that is a fatchick!

Don't take me to jail, I don't waana become a fatchick!
by Legion Ivory August 21, 2004
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