A french word also used in the english language meaning to hate or dislike someone/something alot
girl 1: i DETEST louise she really jars me
girl 2: i know she is such a bitch

Mum:here you go darling dinner time
Daughter:oh mum i told you before i detest carrots
by anti-romantic November 6, 2006
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When you hate//dislike someone with a burning passion, and you wish they would die.
I detest those preps.
by The Stef... July 23, 2005
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To have a strong dislike or feeling of hate towards something, be it an action, person, or thing.
I detest studying--it makes me so tired and bored.

Some people detest me just because I win everything.
by Kairi Mi September 6, 2006
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A dumb 'tard, whomst of which is easy to hate/very unlikable.
by NingHu February 24, 2019
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Otherwise known as detention. A poisoned, hateful concept put into practice in schools. Consisting of vaguely staring into space, or writing meaningless papers.
"I have detestion after sckool, cuz I flipped off the teacher"
by DieRednecksDie August 4, 2006
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something dat is not liked or another word for whack...myfriend said
The teacher is detestibleyo, he be giving us like man work to do.
by J2daD April 7, 2005
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To dislike intensely; abhor.
To hate someone to the point of taking there life.
My friend is detesting me..He loathes me so much he said he might kill me!
by WatchMeFail June 29, 2010
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