A thick ans sexy gir lthat always has opinions about everyone and doesnt think about how people see her with her big thighs ~('. ' )~
"i love me a girl thats big and beautiful "
by BabyGirl Dez February 22, 2018
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A negative term used to describe a fat chick whose clothes are way too tight (used sarcastically). Not someone who is actually considered beautiful.
ex: "Did you see that fat chick in the club last night? She was Big Mac Beautiful"

ex: Trying to cram a 100 pounds of shit into a 50 pound bag
by S.F. May 31, 2012
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A rather large and overweight woman who thinks their beautiful but actually they are a 3 out of 10. Big Beauty's are very insecure and they always think people are talking about them.
Tim: Hey Brad are you taking Kaitlyn to the dance on Saturday. Brad: Hell no dude she's a Big Beauty.
by Hey man it's STIMPY December 13, 2020
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A phone that barely can fit in your pocket, yet you will make room for it because it is just that good.
Some Big Beautiful Phones: iPhone, Evo 4G, Droid X
by Erin Go Braless September 5, 2010
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Basically a "big, beautiful woman" is a fat chick with a pretty face. She is the diametric opposite of a butterface.

The ongoing debate rages as to whether this term is an oxymoron. For the most part it IS (but I have never been a fan of flab). One has to concede, however, that for a woman to be considered physically "beautiful", she MUST possess a pretty face. (So there is potential for a "big, beautiful woman" to trim down and become truly beautiful).

Admittedly, definitions of beauty can be somewhat subjective. Realistically speaking though, if a woman is too overweight to wear a two-piece bathing suit in public, then she does not approach an accurate description of beautiful. (Curves are nice, cellulite isn't).

Modern day beauty pageants like "Miss USA" and the "Miss Hawaiian Tropic International" are very illustrative of this point. The contestants possess varying physical attributes but, regardless of height, breast cup size, butt size, hair length, hair color and eye color, they have one thing in common: flat stomachs.

Usually known by the acronym BBW, a "big, beautiful woman" posts photographs of herself on social networking sites that are purposely shot so as to disguise her obesity. Classic examples usually include a combination of:

- close-up head or face shots

- extremely high or overhead camera angles

- low-key lighting and possibly actual image manipulation.

Flashing cleavage or employing hairnosis and/or boobnosis are often used as secondary deceptions.

Since most men have booblevision to begin with, they rarely pause to consider that the BBW in question could shrink one to three WHOLE bra cup sizes if they ever lost the excess flab. Obviously going from a D cup to an A cup would render the formerly outstanding bust line moot.

(In this same vein, a woman writer once quipped, "When I'm a size six, I can get into my favorite jeans. When I'm a size fourteen, I finally have the bust line that I always wanted in high school.") 'Nuff said?

Big, beautiful women come in two basic groups: those who want to lose weight, and those who won't do what is necessary to lose weight (choosing instead to refer to themselves by outrageous euphemisms such as: "fluffy", "juicy", "thick", "big boned", "pleasingly plump", or "more to love." Star Jones is their poster child).

To the first group, I would suggest having your thyroid gland checked out by a medical doctor who knows something about nutrition and does not dismiss naturopathic remedies. Eat enough medium to low calorie foods to feel full, and have a few colonics to insure proper nutrient absorption. If you have been genetically hosed by your family's DNA, you're going to have to put extra effort into whatever you do. Surgery may be an option, but there is NO substitute for regular exercise.

To the second group I ask, who do you think you are fooling? As Jeff Foxworthy observed about large women wearing Spandex, "If your bottom looks like two raccoons wrestling around in a fifty pound sack of feed, you are NOT 'juicy'!"

SexyLexie is a self-proclaimed "MySpace hottie" but Kip Dynamite wants a full body shot to prove she's not just another big beautiful woman with delusions of grandeur.
by One Stark Reality September 17, 2009
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A big beautiful woman with thickness, makes you wanna slap ya mama. She gotta whole lotta ass with class. Beautiful but confidence is the key.
Thats girl is not the average BBW shes a BBTW ( Big, Beautiful, Thick Woman)
by Londyn CoCo August 16, 2019
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Common phrase in use today!! Its pretty self explanitory,but when it comes down to it.........Youve got this girl that you find so attractive that you can barely contain yousrelf! And when it comes to inspecting that body of hers all you REALLY want to inspect is that AMAZING turd cutter that God granted her with!! Its at this point that youve been so turned on that you ask this beautiful,fuckin sexy,amzing girl to turn around with her back to the mirror and SPREAD THOSE BIG,BEAUTFUL BUTT-CHEEKS so you can see that beautiful brown eye in ALL OF ITS GLORY!!
All Ive been thinking about this whole time weve been 69ing is how after this,all I want you to do is turn your back to the mirror and SPREAD THOSE BIG,BEAUTIFUL BUTT-CHEEKS so I can see that BEAUTIFUL knothole youve been givin!!
by Anferny69 October 14, 2010
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