MySpace's older brother that is just now hitting puberty.
"d00d, MySpace is so last month. Like, all of us MATURE people are on facebook, duh"
by PohTayToez April 26, 2007
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the biggest waist of time. the reason for missed assignments, poor tests results.
a lonely boys best friend.
John! its 7:30, lets hurry home and add that person we just met on facebook!
by naomiDova May 05, 2008
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An online popularity contest for highschool and university students. It doesn't seem to matter that you may have only SEEN the person walking in the hallways, it is good enough reason to add them as a friend.
OMG! Check out Sally's Facebook profile, she's got over 300 friends!
by tealight June 08, 2006
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A website where fake girls can "write on each other's walls" saying how much they "LOVE" each other. In addition to this, Facebook is a place where people post random pictures and status updates that no one gives a shit about anyways. Facebook is also great for annoying teenagers that always add in on other people's wall post conversation, just so that they can maybe get some attention because they feel neglected that no one will comment on their new photo album titled "Panama City Beach with family!" or "My new bass guitar!".
This great website is also a place where you can stalk anyone you want at any given time. As if Myspace wasn't enough...
(Typical teenage status update):

Karen: "OMG I HATE my life!!! Everything sucks.. :("

Thom: uhh..... why would you broadcast this facebook...

(Another status update):

Joe: YES! I just beat Modern Warfare 2 in 4 hours on Veteran!!!

Brad: ... does anyone care?
by Spazzx April 27, 2010
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Joey couldn't get enough info on Jennie via MySpace, so he just checked her mini-feed on Facebook.
by ShutMeUpx December 10, 2006
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When someone does something stupid and won't stop, you smack them in the face with a thick book, normally a phone book.
Random Person: *starts singing Taylor Swift*

Me: *smacks person in the face with a phone book*

Jeremy: "Facebook'd!"
by BabyBackBushwhack44 December 14, 2010
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