The shittiest place in the entire galaxy.
Newark, New Jersey is a place filled with gangs, drugs, guns and hoes. And plus it smells like shit.
by hnoss May 30, 2017
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A small town Located in the East Midlands, England. It's about the size of my second toe but still has the largest population of 14 year old gypsies carrying knifes. The best way to get respect in Newark is carry a holo vape, everyone will think your a legend. Quite diverse, we have the london road residents who all own a pair of AirPods and a Pomeranian, then we have the beacon hillers who regularly shoot each other, most survive the shootings though as the guns are faulty because they were stolen.
Newark is the best town in the U.K.!
by abbicus February 23, 2019
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A city in New Jersey, not as bad as most people think, the nice parts are very nice, and the bad parts are full of crackheads, dope fiends, and homeless people. Quoted by Funk Master Flex on New York's Hot 97 radio as 'Toe Tag City' Newark New Jersey has a relatively high violence rate. Cops in Newark are very good at spotting people who aren't from the area, and will pull you over very fast if they spot you. Newark also has the purest Heroin on the entire East Coast.
1) Yo lets go get that fire shit in newark
2) Ok but since your white you better get in the back, they pull us over if they see a black and a white dude together
3) Hurry up i wanna get high
by dootybooty68 March 26, 2009
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A busy, fun city. The biggest city in New Jersey. Also known as Brick City.
With it's own airport and along with ghettos, and cultural buildings. You can do anything in this city. Also broken up into different ethnic groups: Dominicans, blacks, Ricans, whites.
I'm goin' to Newark 'cause I heard it be poppin'.

I'm going with a few of my colleges to see a musical down near the IDT building.
by Jersey City Girl August 3, 2005
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New Jersey's largest city, located on the northeast, very close to New York, founded in 1666, also known as brick city, Newark is a city with a lot of history. With a majority of black residents, Newark is also known for it's violence and one of the highest index of STD's in the nation. Divided in the downtown, north, south and ironbound wards. The Ironbound is the portuguese/brazilian ward, which happens to be the nicest part of town, in which the real state boom helped the construction of 2 family houses where before there was only old industrial buildings. The Ironbound has seen a increase in the Ecuadorian people recently.
Newark is NOT a nice city
by Quati Cecezudo October 11, 2005
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Newark, New Jersey A.K.A Brick City.

Newark is the largest city in New Jersey, United States, and the county seat of Essex County. Newark the 64th largest city in the U.S.
The third oldest city in the nation, Newark represents centuries of magnificent architecture, arts, culture, and industry.

Famous People of Newark Origin:

Jason Alexander
Amiri Baraka
Tisha Campbell
Gloria Gaynor
Savion Glover
Whitney Houston
Jerry Lewis
Shaquille O'Neal
Joe Pesci
Rah Digga
Philip Roth
Eva Marie Saint
Frankie Valli
Sarah Vaughan
Newark, New Jersey, USA..

Many GREAT people have originated or passed through.... You will not be GREAT until YOU do.
by ShaNyeama July 24, 2008
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The largest city in New Jersey (280,000). A city of grime and grit, just 10 miles outside New York City in northern New Jersey. It is the headquarters to a number of banks, insurance companies and pharmaceutical corporations.
Newark, despite having numerous corporate headquarters to large companies, has much potyential but is a city of grime and grit instead.
by May 20, 2008
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