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1) excuse to get people to do things.
2) best way to get something done.
3) if ______ something, ______ will happen
1) if 1,000,000 people join this facebook group, john will admit he's gay.
2) if 1,000,000 people join this facebook group, my girlfriend will marry my ugly ass.
3) if obama says he will do something... nothing will happen
by lustyisgay December 16, 2009
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a place on that you can make a group and millions of people can join. often you only get about 60 to join. it is very very very dramatic, just like the rest of facebook. facebook is a mimic of myspace(which is obviously better). facebook is a court case waiting to happen, its not secure at all, pretty much anybody can view your profile and
get you info. very unsafe. myspace is getting very
secure(well, better).
you must be very retarded to make a group on facebook that is calling someone gay, or directing bad things to an individual. (examples of what can happen below)
.Someone else might be mad that you made a group about somebody else and make one about you
.facebook doesn't allow verbal(typing i guess) on its site, you may even get in trouble by the cops
.your account may be deleted
.and what i think the worst thing is! YOU CANT DELETE IT!!!
so be very careful when making a group on facebook
and please if you are planning on making a facebook group don't make a bad one. thats where all the drama is
. dude that facebook group is so rude. im going to report this
. wow that facebook group is great
. god facebook groups are so dramatic
by animalcracker March 26, 2008
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