A word used when a woman chooses to act like a "player" guy.
A: Man, Stacy slept with like five different guys! One of them was Greg, she's so fucking slutty, he has a girlfriend!
B: Didn't that guy sleep with 11 girls last year?
A: Yeah, he's such a player! I wish I could be him!
by burningdogturd September 29, 2017
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a person who shows off there body for sex and attention
a person who posts that they are depressed for attention, shows their butt, tongue, thighs, and stomach, mostly in pictures and to people
β€œShe was being so slutty at school”
by kashiWhashi April 03, 2019
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What (high school) freshman girls currently (as well as Jr. Highers) are becoming more and more of as the years progress.
person 1: "The freshman this year are all slutty."

person 2: "I know, wait till next year."

person 3: "I know right."
by PaleteroJ April 09, 2010
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Likes to expound upon her sexual prowess and conquests....with either gender.
Pretends to befriend one only to gain insider information to then disseminate to any and all within phone line distance.
Steals alleged friends' boyfriends.
Attention whore. (Self-professed, no less!)
Whore who doesn't expect payment.
by Take a guess. ;) October 01, 2003
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(noun) Two or more females resembling and/or acting like sluts in an everyday location
Man, have you ever noticed those two slutties at the gym? They definitely only come so guys can check them out. They don't even exercise; they just stretch out for an hour on the mat.
by Red dok September 18, 2007
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someone who likes to sleep around with lots of people.
slutty girls are often the ones that think they are very sexy, but they usually are not at all. girls that are hardcore druggies, they will use alcohol as an excuse to be a whore
that amber lynn is so slutty!
by ihateamberlynn March 31, 2011
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