As someone from Back Country, I can attest to a lot of this. A very very wealthy part of Greenwich where houses sell for 4.5 million and over. Most kids here go to boarding schools such as Loomis Chaffee, Deerfield, Choate, and Phillips A+E. Kids here get their first car when they're 15. All the girls wear van cleef, Cartier and go yachting in with their dads yacht on the weekends. You'll commonly see preps here, boys only play lacrosse, hockey and football.... Moms are usually stay at home moms, and dads work as lawyers, surgeons, executives or CEOs in Manhattan
Oh she is really preppy.... must be from back country greenwich
by BLOBFISH12348 February 10, 2021
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A town filled with rich juul fiends who buy 12 packs at once on their daddy's card. While this might seem like everyone's a pretentious douchebag, Greenwich is split into 6 areas with pretty different people. First there's Old Greenwich/Riverside, which is where all of the people go to live right on the water, they get Upper Crust Bagels every morning and think Garden Catering is better than Chicken Joes, these are the humblest rich kids in Greenwich. Next to that is Cos Cob, this area is mixed between rich and middle class, everyone here gets high as fuck at "pomy"/"monty" (forests where adults walk there dogs and kids smoke weed), Cos Cob is the most normal you'll get in Greenwich. Then there's Glenville/Byram, these two are the areas that kind of stick to themselves, if you aren't from one of them, chances are you aren't friends with kids there. It's the capitol of potheads in Greenwich, if you wanna get high, you're probs copping from some kid who lives there. Last is Back Country, which consists of enormous multi-million dollar homes owned by Wall Street commuters and their lacrosse player sons who are legacies UMich, they do coke and rip their bongs in their guest houses. It takes 30 minutes to drive to literally any part of Greenwich, so chances are your 1am booty calls never pull through. No matter what part of Greenwich you're from, you probs have a severe drinking problem and know at least 5 kids who've been to rehab, and at least 3 who have gone more than once.
Girl: "Hey I'm copping from Byram, can you give me a ride? I'm in Back Country Greenwich."
Boy: "Sorry I gotta full tank of gas, I'll run out."
by Sandra Bullock April 23, 2018
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greenwich, CT is one of the wealthiest towns in the United States, but as a person who lives in greenwich, most of these definitions are skewed and presumptuous. I don't sail, play lacrosse, wear polo's or lacoste. I am not white,and although I am the minority there is a lot of us in Greenwich, at least 90+ Argentine families, which is where i am from. There definately is the preppy group but to tell you the truth it isnt the majority of the people. While there is a lot of drug addicts and drunks in greenwich the amount of people who smoke between classes (in a school of 3,000 kids) is less than 50, and i personally have never smoked. I just wanted to give people a different view from all the ones that i have been reading which are mainly assumptions and stereotypes. The descriptions other people wrote are true in some ways but still, to a much lesser extent.
Greenwich is something people assume really isn't.
by el_wacho1989 December 3, 2006
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A place in London, England that all the worlds time is centered around (GMT-greenwich meantime).
British summertime is when the clocks are put forward.
Greenwich is (GMT)
France is (GMT +1)
by your_lady_disdain September 1, 2008
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The short definition: A mostly wealthy town in southern Connecticut, United States.
But there is more: Coming from a person who lives in Greenwich, I know it is not the way it is commonly perceived by the public. Many people believe EVERYone in G-wich is a stuck-up snob, that plays LAX or field hockey, that has beach houses, and who lives in a gigantore house. But that is not the case. Although it is true that a lot of people are like this, most of the people are just middle class people, trying to get along in life. Our public high school is filled with preppy white people, but there are some people that are other races that aren't rich. Probably more than you'd think. Also, our school district is very successful in academics and sports. So basically the stereotype of Greenwich, that it is a snobby town filled with rich pricks, is not completely true.
Ryan: When I was growing up, I lived in Greenwich, CT, but I was not rich and I didn't play LAX.
by Rmort June 7, 2010
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I have read many definitions of Greenwich, CT, but none seem to be accurate. Yes, there are a couple people who wear polos all the time, but for the most part, people wear whatever they want. True, we do have our "greenwich slang" but we don't use it all the time like some of the examples in other peoples definitions. Greenwich is a small town in CT and is comfortably close to New York City. If someone wanted to go to NY they could just take the train that is located at the bottom of Greenwich Ave. The best spot to hang out in in Greenwich is Greenwich Avenue, also called "the ave". Over all, sure Greenwich does have some snobs, but honestly, what town doesn't? Greenwich is a great place to live and I'm very happy to have that privilege. Greenwich is an amazing place to live, and it really does have the best parties!
Kate: Hey, Ana, wanna go to Greenwich ave later?

Ana: I'd love to Kate!

Kate: Kay, let's call the others and we can all hang out!
by GreenwichGirl95 June 28, 2010
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A small town in Connecticut. Everyone is so stereotypical of this town, and seriously, 1 out of 25 people is actually "typical greenwich." Sure, maybe the people who live here like nice things, but we can't help the way we're brought up. And the whole town is not full of "McMansions," it actually has normal houses. And the people here are normal too. Reading the other things on this website about Greenwich made me want to hurt someone. That is so not okay to write about someones home town. I have lived here my whole life, and I can honestly say I love it, and I AM pretty down to Earth. So stop being so rude, and stop being so hypocritical. You make me want to cry when you say those things. Honestly, NOT OKAY AT ALL.
Where do you live?
I live in Greenwich, Ct.
Oh, so you're a brat?
Oh, well you're a really cool person and not what I thought someone from Greenwich would be at all!
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