When someone does/says something stupid or messes up at something to the point you can only make fun of them.
John-“I can’t believe I missed the catch”.

Bryan- “Face on”.
by March 04, 2021
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Having a face to face chat with someone as opposed to just chatting to them online using programmes such as MSN
I went to my mates house to have a face to face
by 2912Clover February 26, 2006
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The best name to call someone to harrass them, or simply the act of rubbing your face on someone elses face.

"You stupid fag!"
"You stupid FACE-FACE!"
by AMY STYROFOAM May 01, 2008
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To attack with enthusiasm and ferocity, most often used when speaking of alcoholic beverages "SHOTS TO THE FACE!" but can be applied to other circumstances, see below:
Jagerbombs to the face!  Funnel to the face!  Late night pizza to the face!  Motorboat to the face!   Newport to the face! (vacation)  Fenway to the face! (sporting event)
This can also be communicated as the acronym "TTF" or "2TF"
by Darb2TF August 31, 2012
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originated Hebrew this phrase is one of the most popular phrases in Israel. It's equivalent to "sucks"
-"so how was that party last night"
-"oh man, that party was on the face. im never going there again"
by tut March 20, 2005
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When you do or say something which has no sense in that situation, you do it by the face.
- He told me I was a liar.
- Why?
- Pfff by the face, i had never spoken with him before.
by weissakis November 30, 2009
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