A brief response to an obvious lie.
A total player says, “I am such a great loyal guy, I have no idea why I’m single?”
An intelligent girl says, “Pfff!” As she does not want to waste her time reinstating the obvious.
by Gossipchampagne August 23, 2020
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Used to dismiss comments that are usually true, especially when the speaker can not think of a witty retort.
For idiots that can't spell pfft correctly.
pfff... of course I can spell! <which of course is bollocks>
pfff! <in response to comment about the users inability to spell>
by James Last April 14, 2006
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A sound one makes when suffering a loss, when regarding things as lowly, or generally when not feeling so brilliant.
Pfff... So you fragged me. So what.
by Brian Eakerous December 16, 2003
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A word used to simulate the sound of inhaling on a reefer/joint.
Pfff... you fragged me, so what! I wasn't even watching..pfff
by adz February 5, 2004
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pronounciation - pfff

1. expressed when you are thoroughly disgusted by someones actions.
2. to disagree with something or someone.
1. Sam: "I played strip poker the other night at Michelle's."
Will: "Were there guys there?"
Sam: "No... ummm... yes!"
Will: "Pfff!"

2. Laura: "Let's go to The Loft. Gecko's is shite."
Sam: "Pfff!"
by LozzyStrachs August 21, 2005
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