adjective describing a person who is severely intoxicated. Can be used in place of shitfaced
Man, when we walked into that chic's house last night I was totally faced
by Hotknives September 11, 2003
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Johnny was so faced last night at Lollapallooza, he did so much molly
by stupidfac3d August 22, 2012
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"Yeah, he's a professor. OF BEING A DOG! Ooh, faced! ...scratch-moded."
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desribing oneself as having intense visual hallucinations, often during the peak of a lsd or mushroom trip. (letting loose completely to the direction the voyage is taking you)
paul: "hey man, how's your night goin?"
derek: "ohhh dude, i am totally f'n faced right now!"
paul: "yea? intense?"
derek: "yeah bro, the walls are breathing!"
by spades n heartz November 16, 2007
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They have a keg in the back, everyone's getting totally faced.
by benrawk December 10, 2006
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Short for shit-faced, meaning drunk.
Man, he was so faced last night he mnooned the cops!
by voidmstr January 20, 2005
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1) Totally wasted and/or thrashed by alcohol. 2) Mentally and/or physically thrashed from no sleep or exorbitant activity.
"Damn, niggah, I'm so faced I don't know my ass from a hole in the ground."
by Invisible September 29, 2002
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