The amazing catch Endy Chavez made that saved a HR. His hand bent all the way over the fench. He made this catch during Game 7 of NLCS.
1: Wow, remember "the catch" Chavez made last season.
2: Yeah it saved the Mets.
by ENDYCHAVEZ April 9, 2007
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The act of ejaculating into a rag or other receptacle when masturbating so as not to make a mess.
Clint needed to jack off again. He was out of Kleenex so he used a dirty sock for the catch.
by Wiseman July 10, 2006
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1. A spectacular find, as in dating or marriage.

2. A golden discovery, as in a bargain or business deal.

3. Home-run-robbing snag made at the outfield wall by a professional baseball player.
1. Wow, I can't believe Sam is dating Melissa...she's quite a catch!

2. I found a used Jeep online the other day...low mileage, great engine, reasonable, what a catch!

3. OH CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! He saved a home run with that waffle cone snag! That catch will be on Web Gems tomorrow, folks!
by Rangerfox86 July 31, 2009
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A really attractive girl who all the guys want to go after.
by blobgonogo December 16, 2012
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A word idiots use when they can't spell caught.
They catched that chicken.
by Logic101 October 24, 2014
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When referring to someone as "a catch" it is referring to a person with charm, swagger, and overall attractiveness to the opposite sex or even the same sex sometimes
The guy I went out to dinner with last night was such a catch!
by dollhaus March 15, 2011
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1. To be on the receiving end of a lap dance or twerk session
2. To dance or slow grind with someone who is twerking on you
1: She threw it back on me so I had to catch it
2: I was twerking on a guy at a party and he couldn't catch
by LordFarsquaad May 4, 2016
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