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Brother to skateboarding jackass Bam Margera of viva la bam, jackass and haggard fame.

The "other" son of ape and phil margera.

Jess found his fame as drummer of rock band CKY.
Listen to the great drumming by jess margera in the following songs by cky "96 quite bitter beings" "Escape from hellview" and "Sporadic Movement"
by 2912Clover January 18, 2006
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1) An Extremely Good, Rock Only Night Club WIth It's Own Under 18's Night (Known As Kiddy Corp or K Corp) In Sheffield, England

2} These are legal entities created by the registration of appropriate incorporating documents with the supervising government office. These May be private (ownership sometimes held by specific individuals ,these are not traded on a public stock exchange) or public corporations (shares can be bought by everyday people). The Shareholders are protected from liability for faulty the actions of the corporation.
1) You Going To The K Corp Today?

2) That corporation Is Getting Away With Murder
by 2912Clover March 6, 2006
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An Online Wedgie, As Irritating As A Wedgie But With No Pain

Used On MSN When You Send The Word "Nudgie" Whilst Sending A Nudge
You have just sent a Nudge!
by 2912Clover March 12, 2006
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Having a face to face chat with someone as opposed to just chatting to them online using programmes such as MSN
I went to my mates house to have a face to face
by 2912Clover February 27, 2006
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A Combination of god-damn and rediculous used as a comic way to show frustration
my brother keeps stealing my cds, it's re-god-damn-diculous
by 2912Clover February 16, 2006
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Fucked Up, Messed Up, Wrecked, Generaly Totaled, Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition (FUBAR), Sketchy, Shit

Usualy Used By Moshers Since The Release Of The Bam Margera Film Of The Same Name
Mosher One: What Do You Think Of That Car
Mosher Two: That Is F**King Haggard
by 2912Clover January 4, 2006
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