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That's the fuck.

For use after someone asks "WTF?"
Person 1: Dude, WTF?
Person 2: Beer, TTF.
by NYCJDMF December 17, 2009
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Stands literally for the verbage 'Turn Table Fucked'. Used as the past tense form of FYTT.

Commonly used when removes you from the DJ stage unannounced. Often times you don't even know until the current song is over.
We were all royally TTF'd today during Orianthi.
by THEdickhatch September 27, 2011
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used to counter the word "wtf?"

It means "that the fuck"
pWnzoR was sabered by Padawan.

pWnzoR: wtf?
Padawan: ttf.
by k00dr September 17, 2005
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