Shitting and puking simultaneously; a complete release of bodily waste; everybody out!
"I've been cleaning the bathroom all day from the evacuation those taquitos caused me last night"
by Matt Farmer September 20, 2007
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To move people out of a danger area.

They'll have to evacuate before the volcanoe erupts.
by Jafje May 10, 2007
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Removing such a large amount of excrement from your bowels that it leaves a void, like the forced evacuation whites from the inner city (or injuns from their land, or jews from poland).
I have to evacuate (aka poop).
by Crakronite May 11, 2006
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EVACUATE is hardcore punk band, forming in 2007, consisting of members of Cheap Sex, Lab Rats, All Out Attak, and 2nd Hand Justice.

Mike - Vocals
John - Guitar
Karlos - Guitar
Sean - Bass
Danny - Drums
Evacuate will start playing shows by the end of 2007.
by goose86 October 11, 2007
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To release your cream into her and get the fuck out soon after.
Richard: "So, what happened to the Becky girl you saw last night"
Chad: "Well, she was a 6/10, I've seen better, so I had to Ejaculate and Evacuate. I think I may have even left my pack of gum there"
by MamaWeegee July 3, 2018
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When you have a roaring hot diarrhea of fire the day after having consumed very spicy foods, such as a Vindaloo curry. This usually happens first thing in the morning, mere minutes after you wake up, and it stings even worse going out than it did coming in.
Man, last nights curry was friggin' delicious, but it resulted in a painful Vindaloo evacuation early this morning.
by Kingen March 12, 2010
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Getting caught while sneaking away after a one night stand.
Alternate: an early post-sex exit, i.e. before your partner is deep asleep.
He hooked up with some girl last night and got busted for a premature evacuation.
by csepulv September 21, 2007
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