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Antischism was an anarcho crust punk band from Columbia, South Carolina. They later reformed as Initial State in Austin, Texas. The band is no longer around. Members moved onto other bands; .Fuckingcom,Guyana Punch Line,Thank God,Damad,Karst,Chronicle A/D
For most the bands existance:
Scott Cooper (drums, vocals, lyrics)
Lyz (vocals)
Kevin Byrd (guitar)
Matt (bass)
Brent (Additional vocals on Still Life EP)
"Antischism influences a lot of crust and anarcho punk bands nowadays"
by goose86 September 17, 2007

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short for hardcore punk,a genre of music derived from punk rock,but faster and heavier.
there's a difference between metalcore and hardcore. metalcore bands are Norma Jean,Converge,Botch,Between the Buried and Me,As I Lay Dying, Unearth,and Killswitch Engage.
Hardcore bands sing generally about anarchism,capitalism,the government,war,the hardcore lifestyle,and being straight edge;not all hardcore band are straightedgers.
Hardcore bands:circle jerks,ss decontrol,gbh,black flag,minor threat,bad brains,dead kennedys,7 seconds,gang green,beastie boys (early),negative fx,discharge,anti-nowhere league,exploited,u.s. chaos,GISM,chaos uk,picture frame seduction,and many more
"I fuckin love G.I.S.M, man...hardcore punk til i Die."
by goose86 September 17, 2007

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EVACUATE is hardcore punk band, forming in 2007, consisting of members of Cheap Sex, Lab Rats, All Out Attak, and 2nd Hand Justice.

Mike - Vocals
John - Guitar
Karlos - Guitar
Sean - Bass
Danny - Drums
Evacuate will start playing shows by the end of 2007.
by goose86 October 11, 2007

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