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A standard scale from 1 to 10 used to judge how hyper, loud, or energetic someone is. When out with friends for the night, and someone is being exceptionally loud and annoying, they are "on 12".
Lucy: Is Maria coming out?
Mike: Yeah but that bitch is on 12 tonight!
by TheDarkFlower January 18, 2008
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An ancient device to keep paper internets safe when transferring information at 3 to 5 bits per hour across the Earth.
Steve: I need to send this piece of internets to my friend Unka Mika in Cameroon ASAP! What do I do?
Linda: I have some envelopes in my floor safe with other antiquities. I'll sell you one for 50 bucks.
by TheDarkFlower June 23, 2009
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