When you engulf your food, or when a woman or a homosexual man sucks dick really good
My mate Luke sucked my dick last night he was engulfing it like it was a Twinkie
by Xander Zoul hey jare-bear ;) January 11, 2016
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1- surround something completely.
2- Swallow.
"Flames engulf the building, killing and burning many people."

"Reptiles do not chew their food; lizards swallow their food whole, while snakes engulf their prey"
by mattique December 30, 2011
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involved,covered,surrounded, completely and to affect sbd strongly
many politicians are mostly engulfed in a series of corruption scandals
by taurusDking June 6, 2015
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To submerge oneself in a hot bed of sex.
Dan and Kris built up so much sexual tension they were about to engulf on an expedition they would never forget. horny sex sexual tension submerge passion
by krs/sparkles November 10, 2015
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When you are consumed by an insatiable appetite for sex/masturbation 24/7 x365.2425 days a year.
Tom: So, I recorded my incidences of masturbation over a 1 week period and discovered that I masturbate 11.4 times per day on average.

Jerry: WTF, dude? Has your mind been completely libido-engulfed? I don't think that's normal.

Tom: You have no idea, dude.
by Bad C dev August 2, 2022
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To envelop the entire anus with one's mouth and perform deep tongue kissing.
I found it rather remarkable that Ruby could actually consume my entire bung hole in one swoop whenever she performed Anal Engulfing on me.
by Sundar Larka September 22, 2010
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A "politically correct" alternative to "motherfucker", apparently for using when you want to swear at a woman. (Yes, apparently, you can be PC and still swear - as long as you don't imply a masculine standard of sexual normality by using male-gendered swear-words against women).

It implies the "engulfing" of the dick in the fanny.

Actually, I think this is quite a cool insult, PC or not. It is especially good because you can use it against PC people.

c.f. father-encloser.
Oh fuck off, you stupid PC father-engulfer!
by Andy April 27, 2004
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