An outgoing girl, who can be your bestest friend, or your worst enemy because she is not afraid to speak her mind. She is very loud, and talkativae, and very lovable. She might annoy you at times but you love her. She is very pretty and has perfect eyes, but doesnt know it, she may look like she tries to hard, but couldnt care less. She is a party animal, she is the one you want to hang around. She hates getting compliments but loves giving them, a Ruby is a girl you can trust and befriend, she is loyal and caring, sometimes may seem the opposite but always keeps a secret, she is very smart and extremely creative, but also busy. A ruby is an amazing girl you want to be around.
Friend: You are so pretty Ruby!

Ruby: You kidding me look in the mirror!


Random Girl: Who was that girl?

Another Girl: Oh that was Ruby.
by therealdeal5859 September 16, 2012
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The most amazing girl you could ever wish for.

She is absolutely stunning and simply just perfect, she's really insecure about her looks and claims she doesn't like compliments but deep down she does. She's really caring and sometimes people don't seem to appreciate that. She can be a little crazy but in a good way and always makes you laugh. She is the kinda girl guys wanna be with, sometimes for the wrong reasons, but when you get to know the real Ruby you never ever wanna lose her. If you're there for her she'll be there for you. She's unlike any other girl in the world, she's just perfect.
The only person that can make me happy is Ruby, I would do anything for her.
by never wanna lose you April 2, 2013
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Ruby is a really outgoing girl who you can't stop thinking about. The girl you see but never get the guts to meet or speak to, but you don't know why? She is very good looking and most guys really want her but never say anything! She is talented in more ways than one, such as with art, singing, thinking outside the box, oh and much more! She hardly accepts compliments but however has no issues giving them. She is very open to the idea of trying new things, but has a hard time getting herself to do them. Last but not least, Ruby has the best hair that everyone wants!
Guy: I see her around but I never talk to her!
Guy2: Same here, I message her and stuff but can never seem to go to her in person.

Girl: Dang girl, I freaking want Ruby's hair!
Girl2: right!!
by JesusFreak04 February 17, 2013
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The really beautiful girl that everyone looks at and no one can take their eyes off, Just like the gem she is also rare and special to anyone who has one in their life, Anyone who has the honour to meet one or be friends with one is extremely lucky and you should take your chance and date her, As she is extremely kind and loyal and will never let you down. She is the kind of person who you can trust with secrets or just have a great chat with
Steve "Have you met Ruby"
Ron "Yeah bro your lucky she's such a gem"
Steve "Haha I see what you did there"
by TheRealDefinition8020 March 5, 2015
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One of the most lovable girls you would ever meet in your life and very pretty too. A bit clumsy. Social but also can be really introversial, especially when it comes to telling others how they feel and prefers to mask their feelings. So if they ever open up to you consider yourself special. Doesn't put themselves out there despite how talented they really are. HAVE AN AMAZING BODY.
Kind hearted and nice to everyone they meet until provoked.
John: I wish I had a Ruby.
sweet funny shy
by Japzzz March 5, 2017
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An extremely intelligent girl, Ruby applies 100% effort in everything she does. She is beautiful in personality as well as looks, with a modest attitude and a kind heart. You cannot help but love Ruby, and don't take her for granted as you will miss her when she is gone.
She got great results, is beautiful an popular! How amazing is this girl?
That's a Ruby all right!
by Jimmy bob banananananana June 25, 2013
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When you don't know her, she's quiet. When you do, you wish she was. She is funny, loud and scatter brained, but she is still very smart. She has a bit of a temper, and can be insulted easily. Usually spends her weekends playing video games and blasting music.
She doesn't accept compliments because she thinks of herself very low.
She works best with people who are most like her.
Rubys usually are attracted to people who have names that start with 'R', like her.
Oh that silly ruby

I know! She sure is a riot.
by asdfjkl;12435 March 8, 2012
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